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Better late then never- St. Patty's Day Report!

Oh how  my parents would be proud of me if they had seen me on Saturday!

So St. Patty's Day was celebrated in Sasebo on Saturday. I spent the day on a little field trip and had a lot of fun.

The evening rolls around and the party animal comes out!

Long story short- there was a drinking contest. You know I cannot let those go without entering!

So round one was like 15 people- and by people we are talking muscle ripped Navy men and me. Not only was I the only ALT joining the contest, but I was the only girl.

They shouted GO and I was off. Ends up I tied with this HUGE 6foot something, 300lbs Navy dude. Of course he was pissed, but I really did tie with him. Then comes round two....

He downs it FAST but spills like half of it on his shirt. I finish my drink with STYLE, not spilling one drop! I was declared the winner!

That really pissed them off! He kept bugging me for a rematch, I said I would if he buys and I don't have to give up my hot hat I won. He didn't want to do that. So he went to the contest organizer and about 30minutes later they call an official rematch.

So there was no way I could back out. The little pussy! So I get up there. Him, me and a whole bunch of new contestants.

I kicked their asses! 

Once again not spilling a drop!

Take that Navy!

This German girl knows how to drink!

Take it!


And now I just have to survive another day and I get a three day weekend!  And Pay Day!

Vacation + money = Happy Kate!

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