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I do not have Swine Flu!

Oh being antisocial on the internet is fun.
I've been a busy Kate over the last... god, three weeks since I last updated.

Golden Week was great! Kimchi-land was excellent! Very tried afterward, but worth it. Did a lot of shopping, a lot of clubbing and the best was not spending that much money!  Go cheap vacations!

Sadly with Japan being a paranoid country the only down side of the trip was assuring pretty much everyone at work that I did NOT get swine flu.... seriously Japan! Not to mention when I told my Japanese friends and students I was in Korea, having them flip out a bit and ask me... I seriously was at the point where the next person so say Swine Flu was going to get a punch in the face...

You know its bad when on the Daily Show Tom Hanks dissed Japan and its security procedures at airports... beware the purple suits!
At least if you are going to have uniformed guards and patrols, have their uniform colors be something other than a pastel purple... seriously have some respect for the profession of guards!

But thankfully the craze is finally calming down... I was rather pissed that they didn't really want to eat the presents I brought back to share because of their own paranoia... stupid Japan... sometimes I wonder why I am still here...

And then I remember the economic situation in America and the massive loans I still have...

I am also kinda pissed at my school for not giving me an extra day or two off of work. Several other ALTs in the area who went to Korea got extra "quarantine" days off... no such luck at my school... cheap asses at my school...

Le sigh... life goes on...
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