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Do the ... Lobster?

Oh yeah! I am a lobster!

After a long weekend- one planned with beaches on everyday- I came to work red, crispy and not a happy panda.

I hate my skin... not only does it scar like crazy, but it also cannot take ANY sun. I could swim in  a kiddie pool of SPF 1000 and still manage to somehow crisp.

Went to the beach on Oshima on Saturday, played MacGyver with a pontoon floaty thing, and swam for a few hours... came out CRISPY!

Well I was not crispy right away- it took a few hours out of the water to do that. About the time were were done with a fun Chinese style dinner at a restaurant I was feeling the burn!

I got home and decided to take a cool shower- only to meet with a cockroach trying to my his home in my bath tub. Killed him... not sure how I was able to seeing that I burned the back of my knees so moving (let alone moving fast) was almost impossible. Opted for a quick shower after that... then proceeded to freak myself out thinking I had Heat Stroke.

I was not sweating, in pain, achy, not to mention kinda dizzy. Sleeping was not really an option since I was freaked out about dying in my sleep.

The next day I still was not better- so no beach. I didn't even leave the house till like 3pm when I finally was getting a bit on the mend.
Somehow I salvaged a fun weekend out of my ordeal.

Still crispy 4days later... it still does hurt to move at times, but I am enjoying freaking my kids out showing them how red I am.
Thankfully no blisters yet.... but now I will have to make sure and double check every mole and freckle I have! Stupid skin cancer!

On a fun note- SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!
We got out of stupid "special term" classes to watch it. Sadly it was rather cloudy and I couldn't see too much...

Just gotta survive one more day at work then I am off to Fukuoka for some Costco Love!

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