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Essay Slaves Needed.

Christ on a pogo stick its been like a month since I have touched this :)
Not that any of you really noticed :(  hahahaha, oh well.

Grad School is the name of the game.  Can't I just pay someone and have them write these essays for me??????
I have been working many weeks to finally get to the point where .... I am not even half way done ~_~
Well, I technically am- I have the applications pretty much done. I am waiting on letters of rec to come in- that was a drama roller coaster trying to get them from people- and then I pay the fees, send the transcripts, pick a sample paper and then submit my fellowship applications... cause kate needs money. It just feels like I am so far from getting things done and I start to freak out... I don't think I have ever felt like this before... ok, maybe once..  le sigh.

Its just a stressful process... it hasn't helped with my school being such a bitch. Whoever comes to kita after me if going to want to kill themselves with super alt here trying to do everything (much like I did when I got here- I see the errors of my ways now)....

Anyway, I am still alive... sort of... oh grad school... please God f you ever decide to be nice, this is the time... seriously... this is the time...
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