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My Crazy Life
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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
8:16 am
So it's like a Friday today for me! Took off tomorrow and Friday, Thursday is National Foundation Day or some shit, thus a free day!!!!! Making it FRIDAY today!

A gaggle of gaijin and I are headed up for the last days of the Yuki Matsuri in Hokkaido... the final island I need to hit to say I've been on all the major islands of Japan! Oh man, I am going to eat so much crab it's not even funny!

With all my grad apps and fellowship apps done, its the first time I get to relax... until I get back and then need to figure out my taxes and FAFSA... damn you taxes and your annoying paperwork!

Anyway, the last few weeks have been busy. I can't remember if I wrote about my Kyoto Seminar trip... it sucked, except for the awesome people I met... minus one girl who I wanted to punch out... why are CIRs 99% more likely to be total douchebags? I never came to that course saying I was better than anyone, and with the amount of study I have been doing recently, I don't know where she got that I was a threat to her Japanese ability... long story short... I wanted to hurt her.

Work has been painful more often then not... which is sad. Scheduling problems and lack of communication have made me want to give up almost on a daily basis... I am so glad I am did not recontract. It would have been a painful 5th year.

Last weekend, I let go and broke my beer kyukei (break). Instead of the one mamosa I told myself i could have, I ended up drinking the whole bottle of champagne myself, a delicious peppermint schnapps and chocolate soda mixed drink, and the creme de la creme of boozes: absinthe.... sweet jesus that shit packs a punch! Sadly no green fairies were seen, but shots of that stuff is a BAD idea! Especially when watching Legend- a movie that scared the shit out of me as a child... thank you older brother and cousin! So basically I decided to get the two others forcing me to watch the movie totally gone so I could just turn the movie off... mission accomplished!

Needless to say, even with my booze tolerance diminished due to a month of NO drinking, I still was the only one to be up and functional the next morning.

Oh the fun!

All I got to do is survive today and I am off for 5 days!
Monday, December 21st, 2009
3:24 pm
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Its a bit early, but if I don't do it now, I will forget to do so!
I hope this year has been a healthy and happy on for you. At times it has been rather troublesome for me... but I have accomplished all I could and needed to do.

As of 4:05 today, I am on holiday till the 6th! SWEET!
I think I need a nice long break! And I am going to enjoy it!

I have nothing much planned, but will spend a lot of time in my fortress of solitude/kate cave, trying to recoup from a long Grad School Application season. Actually I will have to start thinking about FAFSA... which means its US Tax catch up time! PAINFUL!!!!!

The only other thing I have to do is prep for my stint as a Japanese Teacher for this Linguistics and Pedagogy Course. That will take place in Kyoto in mid January. This should be interesting!

It's been a long week, month and year... but all in all, it has been a good one.

So with that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
12:04 pm
I finally see the light!
I am slowly making my way out of the "YOU MUST GET GRAD SCHOOL STUFF DONE NOW" bubble I have put myself in for about a month now... and I am happy to say that all I need is to pay the fees and I am done!!!
Well, upload the last of my fellowship essays as well and send out the paper copies, but DONE!!!!

You don't know how happy I am to finally be done with grad apps!

But now, I find myself freaking out... like big time... I now enter the limbo that is waiting for my fate to be decided...

I have done everything I could, and it is finally out of my hands... I am trying to stay positive... but its hard.

Anyway, I shall be back to reading and talking to people soon! It feels good to be almost free!

Sorry to those who I have been avoiding online and on here... I didn't mean to go off into the woods ala Thoreau, but it kinda helped. I stopped all my for fun things pretty much and hunkered down and "got it done."

Kate is Back!

Current Mood: relieved
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
8:02 am
Slowly but surely....
I am getting these applications done!

I got two of the letters of rec pretty much done. It was weird to have to proof my teacher's letters of rec for me... it made me feel really good to hear how they feel about me and the work I do for the school and community. If I don't get into school with these letters, I don't know what that hell these schools want!

So I have set a deadline for my applications- I want them off my desk by Dec. 1!!!!  Which I think is totally a reachable goal. After Dec 1 I might consider looking for a few jobs or internships as back up plans.

I can only assume that as the JET recontracting deadline passes, I am going to have a lot of stress! I don't find out about these schools till like March or April... thankfully I have an apt set up with my dirty old roomie from before Japan. But still, having an apt and not being able to pay for it freaks me right the hell out!

So if any of you have a good connection with the big man upstairs (if you believe in him/her/it) put in a good word for me... bribe him if you must... Kate NEEDS into GRAD SCHOOL!!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
7:52 am
Essay Slaves Needed.
Christ on a pogo stick its been like a month since I have touched this :)
Not that any of you really noticed :(  hahahaha, oh well.

Grad School is the name of the game.  Can't I just pay someone and have them write these essays for me??????
I have been working many weeks to finally get to the point where .... I am not even half way done ~_~
Well, I technically am- I have the applications pretty much done. I am waiting on letters of rec to come in- that was a drama roller coaster trying to get them from people- and then I pay the fees, send the transcripts, pick a sample paper and then submit my fellowship applications... cause kate needs money. It just feels like I am so far from getting things done and I start to freak out... I don't think I have ever felt like this before... ok, maybe once..  le sigh.

Its just a stressful process... it hasn't helped with my school being such a bitch. Whoever comes to kita after me if going to want to kill themselves with super alt here trying to do everything (much like I did when I got here- I see the errors of my ways now)....

Anyway, I am still alive... sort of... oh grad school... please God f you ever decide to be nice, this is the time... seriously... this is the time...

Current Mood: working
Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
8:10 am
Things are....
.... I don't really know how to finish this sentence.

I got to work, and immediately I wanted to turn around and go back home... well as soon as I got to my desk.

I swear there are three types of Japanese teachers: 1- those who don't give a rat's ass about anything, 2- those who semi-care but usually piss me off because of the lack of communication 3- and the super schedule based ones that are waiting at my desk in the morning to explain everything.

Yeah... I had to deal with 2 and 3 this morning... and it put me in a foul mood. Due to lack of sleep and abundance of stress, I feel like crying at the moment.

I don't know what to do other than confront them, well at least the #2 teacher. She has been doing this for a while now and I have had it up to my eyeballs with her lack of being a dependable supervisor. Basically she went off to an English camp and left the new alt to me to help get all his paperwork set up. I was pissed. And continually drops things into my lap with a smug "yoroshiku".... I want to yoroshiku her neck sometimes!

Well, this should be an interesting day... possibly 5 classes... not really sure since no one really tells me about schedule changes... I think I might have to demand an English Dept meeting to rant at people... I would do that if I thought it would help, however, it won't.... these people are that stupid.

Current Mood: cranky
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
8:11 am
And its back to work...
Well, summer vacation couldn't last forever... as much as I wanted it to, it went really fast this year.
Sad to say I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to get done. Instead I got sucked into a lot of randomness. Not that is wasn't all boring. I had a lot of fun!

Beaches, water slides, sunburns.... I was basically a fish during the weekends.
At work I have been kept busy due to my supervisor's great ability to suck at her job. And the new alt of course has no one else to go to for help besides me... I really want to yell at her!

I wanted to get on grad school applications. However, that stalled with not feeling like revamping papers and the lack of  motivation. I also had wanted to begin writing again. In this aspect I did start, but each time it soon fizzled after like 10pages. I don't know what is going on in my brain... I have seriously been hit with some massive Life ADD!

On the drama front- well, there is never short supply there!
The latest bout is between a friend of mine and... you guessed it ME!  Oh the fun!
Long story short- a guy that took us around in Korea decided to do a last minute trip to Japan. No plans, no schedule, no word of warning except for the blurb on facebook. He got my number from there and didn't bother getting anyone else's... so I had to sponsor his entry into Japan... I didn't know about that till I got the call from the immigration officer at the airport.... lovely!

The korean guy's lack of English also made communication HARD! I gave him two other people's numbers because I was hella busy that weekend and might not be able to get his phone call... he got a hold of S and she got mad because I was not helping her with him or something. I got a really nasty email. She said I was being rude, and that she was never going to do me any favors ever again and that she would never expect anything from me ever again... yeah, we are talking high school drama email! It was beautiful! I wanted to point out she has never really done me any favors, but I kept my mouth shut! I was big about it and ditched my party for 30 min to go and wait at the station for the guy... who was an hour late.  Yeah... oh well, she has been flaky with me for a while since she got her bf.
Its sad, but she is already replaced with new friends, so no real loss if she wants to be bitchy to me.

And that brings us to the present.

Its been a sad month; many friends leaving. Many goodbyes, but I guess that is life.

Shit I nearly fell asleep during the principal's speech... oh well, most of the kids were doing the same...

Current Mood: lethargic
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
8:30 am
itunes...I hates it!
I hate Apple... so very much...

When I found that quicktime was trying to plot a computerized coup on my PC at work, I decided it was time to kill that bitch. In doing so it killed my itunes settings on this pos computer. Thus making me have to spend today reinstalling it and making sure that shitty software does not try to take over everything again!

I wish Japan had a better assortment of decent video/mp3 players here... I was forced to get an itouch... It's cool and all, but I just HATE Apple!

So yeah... that is my rant on that matter... now on to the stuff I've been doing:

Week long vacation to the Goto Islands = Hawaii of Nagasaki-ken!  It was so much fun- biking up hills aside- that I want to go back! There was an abandoned island called Nozaki and we got to explore all the old houses, get attacked by bats, and see a huge cat/rat thing! Still not sure what it was!

After getting 2nd degree burns on my back, I learned my lesson and wore long sleeves pretty much everyday! It's weird... I have color now... I am no longer pasty white... which is good, but kinda disturbing at the same time. Note to self- 2nd degree burns do hurt like a bitch for 2 weeks, but you will get a nice tan after...

Saturday the Sasebo area had a party for the newbies. It was so much fun- made good friends with an Aussie. He does a great impression of me when drinking :) And ended up choking my friend Preston at the karaoke box.... strange people we are!
Getting home was interesting. I pretty much had to carry my buddy to the train station to make the last train... he was so drunk he clocked Jess in the nose and then fell asleep on the platform... that was one fun ride back to Saza!

Sunday was National Guilt the Whitie Day. Actually I must say this year was the best so far... the kiddies were in their rooms listening to a speech recording. You know the one they have heard pretty much every year of their lives... and I got to sit in the teacher's room on the internet! Then before the 11:02 bell and minute of silence, the Principal of the school comes out and gives a speech saying how its not just a US/Japan remembrance day, it is also to remind Japan that IT needs to be peaceful with its neighbors... I nearly shit my pants! This was the first time that I have heard a Japanese person really go beyond what happened to them and want to pony up for what their country did! Kudos Principal man!

And now, I am at work. And I am really glad I closed all my windows cause its raining... a lot!

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
10:14 am
Do the ... Lobster?
Oh yeah! I am a lobster!

After a long weekend- one planned with beaches on everyday- I came to work red, crispy and not a happy panda.

I hate my skin... not only does it scar like crazy, but it also cannot take ANY sun. I could swim in  a kiddie pool of SPF 1000 and still manage to somehow crisp.

Went to the beach on Oshima on Saturday, played MacGyver with a pontoon floaty thing, and swam for a few hours... came out CRISPY!

Well I was not crispy right away- it took a few hours out of the water to do that. About the time were were done with a fun Chinese style dinner at a restaurant I was feeling the burn!

I got home and decided to take a cool shower- only to meet with a cockroach trying to my his home in my bath tub. Killed him... not sure how I was able to seeing that I burned the back of my knees so moving (let alone moving fast) was almost impossible. Opted for a quick shower after that... then proceeded to freak myself out thinking I had Heat Stroke.

I was not sweating, in pain, achy, not to mention kinda dizzy. Sleeping was not really an option since I was freaked out about dying in my sleep.

The next day I still was not better- so no beach. I didn't even leave the house till like 3pm when I finally was getting a bit on the mend.
Somehow I salvaged a fun weekend out of my ordeal.

Still crispy 4days later... it still does hurt to move at times, but I am enjoying freaking my kids out showing them how red I am.
Thankfully no blisters yet.... but now I will have to make sure and double check every mole and freckle I have! Stupid skin cancer!

On a fun note- SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!
We got out of stupid "special term" classes to watch it. Sadly it was rather cloudy and I couldn't see too much...

Just gotta survive one more day at work then I am off to Fukuoka for some Costco Love!

Current Mood: sore
Tuesday, July 14th, 2009
8:50 am
Random thoughts from a workaholic
Hello, my name is Kate and I have a problem....

I work too much.

I give myself super high expectations and often accomplish the impossible only to make people have even higher expectations for me.

I volunteer for way too much, and feel guilty when I have to turn people down... and somehow on the other hand, I don't get recognized or consulted on things that I should be asked to do, that I wanted and asked to be part of....

This often leads to resentment. I hate feeling angry at people who have nothing really to do with it... it is not their fault they are friends with the right people, or have other little advantages... it just makes me ....  frustrated.

I know I should not care and just enjoy my last year at my job, but I can't help but feel snubbed... dismissed... and unappreciated.

I also dwell on things way longer than I should... so what if they people I gave a speech for totally messed up my bio after not listening to me try to correct them... not a big issue, right? I should not let not getting to go up to Tokyo with the others from Nagasaki ruin my summer... I should forget about the little shit things my school is doing/pushing on me...

I think it might be time to hit up a therapist to see why I am in such need of praise and involvement... to understand wtf goes on in my brain when I volunteer for things that don't even concern me... for what... attention?

I am messed up...

I am Kate... and I am a workaholic...

le sigh

Current Mood: numb
Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
8:01 am
Play me off Keyboard Cat!
I really need to make a FAIL video featuring me after the JLPT... it was painful. More than painful... it was darn right sadistic!  (Does that mean I am into S&M? I did sign up for that damn test in the first place.... I may have more issues than I had originally thought)

The 4th of July was fun! Happy Belated Bday America... 233 and still looking good... although we may need to do some work to fix the damage of the last 8 years... paging Dr. Obama and your Change you promised... can we get a little something done?

Went to the US NAVY party here in town and enjoyed a bit of Americana that I have missed- hamburgers that don't suck, pizza that tastes like pizza, and not being the minority! Go AMERICA in Japan!

Fireworks were a little sad... but I shall survive. Max and I have a ton of our own that were were going to set off last Sunday, but the rain stopped us... damn you rain!

Anyway, JLPT happy fun in Fukuoka! Went up the morning of with Colin. He drives like a retard, but we got there with time to spare. The Kanji part was good I thought. I knew 95% of the Kanji- here's hoping no stupid mistakes with the extra U or small TSU or the damn ten tens... they love to eff you up! The listening sucked... as expected. I at least got a few correct. The reading part was cruel and unusual punishment. I understood the readings, but the answer choices were just messed up!

I only need a D to pass! COME ON 60%!!!

After I went with a few friends to an AWESOME Chinese restaurant. Yeah, I know, after being surrounded by Chinese for the test, why would I want Chinese food? I have never been sooooo pissed at a race of people in recent memory- they could not follow instructions and they got away with SOOOOO much cheating!

The prompters would say "Do not open your books" like 1000x and they would still open them. Or they would continue after time was called! If any of the 20 non-asian test takers did that, we would be yelled at and given the dreaded Yellow Card!  SOOOOO NOT FAIR! You can't get by in Japan with only your writing skills! You need to be able to LISTEN too!


Oh well, back to work... must wait till September to see how bad I failed.
Monday, June 8th, 2009
12:49 pm
Just some good clean fun!
This weekend was awesome!
Only in Japan can they take a natural phenomena like a mud flat, and turn it into a HUGE event!

Sunday 3,500 people from Japan and 12 other countries came together to play in the mud!

As a crazy person myself, I could not pass this down! Joining a team hosted by the BOE of Saga Prefecture, I entered the 25th Annual Gatalympics!

Getting down and dirty in the mud was great! Sadly even when covered in mud I still managed to burn the crap out of my arms and face... le sigh!  But it was soooo much fun!

Before the fun began:

And now I am a true dirty gaijin!

I met a famous Japanese comedian... can't remember her name- sorry! If you recognize her from the pic (those in Japan) let me know!  I know she is from Osaka. She had a crew that followed her every where and when she found out I was participating in the Mud Sumo event, the rivalry was on! Look for me on National Tv (again- for those of you in Japan)!!

If you want to see pics- head on over to my facebook page!  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=129807&id=619951182&l=d45be7ba53

also check us out doing Tug of war on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrrXZXQ7cpw&feature=related

I hope that is the right place....

God it was fun!

Current Mood: amused
Friday, May 29th, 2009
10:28 am
There goes my summer...
So it is summer time again, most people in the US are gearing up for some much needed R&R (at least in the Education field) however I sadly will not be able to enjoy much of that "free time." Granted Japan does not believe in free time during summer... but on top of that....

This week the English Club girls decided on what movie they want to make for the Cultural Festival. Among the final choices were Cinderella (didn't want to do that- kinda a lame story), Peanuts (which i was all for... GO MINNESOTA!), Kaguya-hima (chic from the moon was found in bamboo... sort of reminds me of Thumbelina), Alice in Wonderland (cool story- love the books, Jaberwoky scared the crap out of me as a kid!) and some weird story about 7 goats and a wolf... they tried to explain that to me... still don't quite understand.

All would have their own issues and pose a challenge... however the final vote came in and of course they had to pick the most difficult one... Alice in Wonderland.

I spent my Wednesday free time writing a script with ESL vocab and also things that can be done... All I can say now is that this summer is going to be hell. Prepping and painting, and then filming... I am currently learning how to use editing software... so we shall see what happens.

Jesus... what do I get myself into at times?

Other rant- really quick!

I went to my car dealer place and found out that my insurance does not cover the small fender dent I got when I backed into a stupid pole... so there goes like $400 to replace the back fender and a bit of work on the back door... SOB! I opted for a higher costing insurance for next year to make sure those things are covered for the next time I can't see a damn pole (that are like only three feet high!) and don't show up in the mirrors! God damn it Japan!

AHHHH!  Need weekend now!

Current Mood: drained
Monday, May 18th, 2009
9:47 am
I do not have Swine Flu!
Oh being antisocial on the internet is fun.
I've been a busy Kate over the last... god, three weeks since I last updated.

Golden Week was great! Kimchi-land was excellent! Very tried afterward, but worth it. Did a lot of shopping, a lot of clubbing and the best was not spending that much money!  Go cheap vacations!

Sadly with Japan being a paranoid country the only down side of the trip was assuring pretty much everyone at work that I did NOT get swine flu.... seriously Japan! Not to mention when I told my Japanese friends and students I was in Korea, having them flip out a bit and ask me... I seriously was at the point where the next person so say Swine Flu was going to get a punch in the face...

You know its bad when on the Daily Show Tom Hanks dissed Japan and its security procedures at airports... beware the purple suits!
At least if you are going to have uniformed guards and patrols, have their uniform colors be something other than a pastel purple... seriously have some respect for the profession of guards!

But thankfully the craze is finally calming down... I was rather pissed that they didn't really want to eat the presents I brought back to share because of their own paranoia... stupid Japan... sometimes I wonder why I am still here...

And then I remember the economic situation in America and the massive loans I still have...

I am also kinda pissed at my school for not giving me an extra day or two off of work. Several other ALTs in the area who went to Korea got extra "quarantine" days off... no such luck at my school... cheap asses at my school...

Le sigh... life goes on...

Current Mood: blah
Friday, April 17th, 2009
8:04 am
Death March part duex!
Oh I love my school and all its death march fun!  (damn it were is the sarcasm button when you need it?)

Today is yet another happy event where I have to truck me white ass up a mountain.

It should be fun... I just am not a fan of "bonding through physical pain".... yeah... not a fan.

Oh well, here I go!

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, April 10th, 2009
8:16 am
And so it begins... again
The sakura are in full bloom and although they are very pretty and I enjoy picnics under them, I am not super wow-ed.  I really don't feel like contemplating life and how short it is while under the trees... that is just plain depressing and kinda creepy.
I prefer to get drunk under them... and flirt with cute teachers at the teacher Hanami party ;)

So with the sakura season in full bloom comes the new school season.

Luckily there were no English Dept changes of personnel. So I know all of these teachers. Unluckily nothing has changed. I will add here that I am happy the number of my classes were decreased, but still it is the same old, same old.

No one gave me any info about anything. I had to hunt people down to get a monthly schedule, class plan and overall pretty much everything. All the teachers were excited about having more "planning together time" but as of yet have no one has approached us with their wants and ideas for the new year. Le sigh...

It was kind of funny when one teacher, who I have yet to work with was like, "So do you have the syllabus? What will we do for the first class?" I chuckled and told her that we never  see it. No one has ever really discussed this magical syllabus that we never follow anyway...

So yeah... for a while I really thought this year was going to be different. I was talking with teachers and they were all excited and looked like they were really going to try and keep us in on the loop... but no... I am going to have to bring it up at the meeting today... if we have it...

le sigh... and I would bet you any money that we will sit in silence for like 5 minutes when they try to decide who will be the ALT supervisor... I was pleasantly surprised last year when the current sup. volunteered.... but after having so many problems with dufus here... I doubt she will want to continue. It's just insulting when no one wants to take the time to touch base and check to see if we understand what is going on or when we need help with their stupid red tape system.

Well, its Friday. So that is the good news and I got paid for a side job, so I am not as broke as I was a few days ago. I actually bought groceries last night :)  I had been holding off. Yeah! I have bread at my house!

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
11:17 am
Better late then never- St. Patty's Day Report!
Oh how  my parents would be proud of me if they had seen me on Saturday!

So St. Patty's Day was celebrated in Sasebo on Saturday. I spent the day on a little field trip and had a lot of fun.

The evening rolls around and the party animal comes out!

Long story short- there was a drinking contest. You know I cannot let those go without entering!

So round one was like 15 people- and by people we are talking muscle ripped Navy men and me. Not only was I the only ALT joining the contest, but I was the only girl.

They shouted GO and I was off. Ends up I tied with this HUGE 6foot something, 300lbs Navy dude. Of course he was pissed, but I really did tie with him. Then comes round two....

He downs it FAST but spills like half of it on his shirt. I finish my drink with STYLE, not spilling one drop! I was declared the winner!

That really pissed them off! He kept bugging me for a rematch, I said I would if he buys and I don't have to give up my hot hat I won. He didn't want to do that. So he went to the contest organizer and about 30minutes later they call an official rematch.

So there was no way I could back out. The little pussy! So I get up there. Him, me and a whole bunch of new contestants.

I kicked their asses! 

Once again not spilling a drop!

Take that Navy!

This German girl knows how to drink!

Take it!


And now I just have to survive another day and I get a three day weekend!  And Pay Day!

Vacation + money = Happy Kate!

Current Mood: busy
Friday, March 13th, 2009
7:49 am
Son of a ....
yep another "nice" and "easy" day has been killed. I now have 5 back to back classes today and its a day with a lot of prep work for three of them... son of a ....

And of course doofus is worthless in the prep/set up department. I really hate him 95% of the time...

God.... why do you hate me so? I mean... what have I really ever done to piss you off this much? Seriously, that tally board up in heaven can't be that long.... I mean I am evil.... and mean at times... and I do take pleasure in seeing other people's pain and all (yeah, I am going to hell, I know this...)   but I still believe in ya right? Doesn't that count for something.... and to my knowledge I have yet to kill someone or do anything THAT bad... so give me a little slack. Please? Just a little time out?

le sigh.

Current Mood: irritated
Thursday, March 5th, 2009
12:30 pm
Raging B$#ch Post
So yeah... I have been rather irritable today... can't really pinpoint the reason... oh wait. That is a lie.

I can SOOOO pinpoint the reason. And since you are my friends, you get to read about it. Aren't you glad you friended me on this thing?  ^_~

Anyway, we had Monday off since graduation was Sunday Morning. So one would think I would be happy with a 4day work week.

Seems like a negative on that front.

It has been a crappy week and its only Thursday. I hate Thursdays.

So aside from not being able to remember which crappy day it is here are the things that have been causing me annoyance...

1) SG. Yep the same girl that had her own Thanksgiving Day party on the day as mine is back and being a .... lovely human being. She makes everything awkward and for some reason wants to get attention from me... I don't know she wants something. Not sure about wtf is going on in her mind. Yesterday we see her in the shopping area- I say hi, but she doesn't really acknowledge me all too much. Must be because I was with MS the loud spoken MN girl who told her off. They are neighbors and have had a few choice words... well text messages because that is the maturity level around here. She is just making being in the same city rather awkward. We enter the travel agency where she had just left and not even three minutes later she comes back and wants to talk to the lady who is helping us. Making us wait and making the mood in the room rather tense. We ignore her and talk about tax forms and other annoying shit.

2) Work. Teachers have been lately expecting too much from me and not telling me in advance for jack shit. Case in point yesterday 20 minutes before the class period they come up and give us "what they want" and tell us to make a lesson plan. I can't pull shit out of my ass. And I really think I need to let them fall flat on their faces a few times to get them to give me more advance notice. Also they seem to think my classes are of less importance therefore they can simply take things that I have asked for in advance. An example- the speakers and computer cord I have on my desk. A teacher came up and was all like "I found it." I looked at him and was like, "NO I did. I am using it." Asshat.

3) Satellite Girl. Every morning I get to work I just want to sit and eat the rest f my breakfast or relax before shit comes flying my way... but wait... I can't. This really annoying girl who seems to be attention starved and the "nerd" has kind of latched on to me. She makes it so people don't like her- she could totally be a normal person if she just toned it down one little notch... but no. She always comes up to me int he teacher's office. I can't get a moments peace! It was funny and cute before- but everyday for the last two weeks she has somehow found me either in the morning, at lunch or right before I go home... I can only take so much before I yell at her!

4) Duffus. SSDD. There is not a day going by that duffus does not find a way to annoy me. Today for example he picked up on my bitchy mood (give him a dggie treat!) after I explained to him for the third time we do not have the first two classes because a) the teachers have not told us what we are doing and b) the tests are still going on. Added to that today he told the High School class right before lunch that "Be careful, Kate-sensei is in a bad mood."  Come on... WTF! Why would you say that? It's not funny. I don't want to talk about it... just leave me the eff alone!

5) Dinero. I have none. It seems that this month is national extra expenditure month. Graduation party money, teacher's lunch box party, this and that and this and that. Granted I did know it was going to be tight this month when I bought an itouch and a couch, but I had thought my side jobs would rake in the money. It seems that everyone is "paying me next week" for their english lessons. I feel kind of rude to be all like, "Hey give me the money" because they normally remember... I think it is just pissing me off more so because I could really use that money now.

OH life... well I feel a little better. Keyword: little.

Thanks for reading kiddies...

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Sunday, March 1st, 2009
7:42 am
Naked time of happiness...
Oh onsen... How I love you!
Let me count the ways:
Ah One - onsen
Ah Two- saunas
Ah Three- hot rock sauna
Ah Four- Spa!
need I say more?

When you find an onsen with not only one, but seven different types of hot springs, five different temps of sweat rooms, spa for facials, massages and hair care... you have found a little slice of heaven for $50.

Yesterday was our Girls Spa Day- and I can say "girls" because the boy who came along with us is more of a girl than I am ^o^  It was so relaxing and fun.

We spent most of the day relaxing, talking and being pampered. I have to hug my Japanese mom for telling me about it. I think I have found my happy spot.

Stupid Japanese people didn't even bother me for the afternoon. And the little perks were great. They had this 70C room where they fanned the hot air on you with GIANT Japanese style fans... it felt a little like burning at the time, but it was awesome to just sit there for a bit. I was sweating like a pig! It was great.

My skin feels soooooo much nicer today.

Oh today... what I would give to be back in the onsen right now... but alas... I am at work on a Sunday for the most boring of reasons: graduation.

From 9:20-12:00 or so I will be forced to sit in a room while 229 student names are called and what will feel like 30 minutes of nonstop clapping when they come in and leave the gym... not to mention I could not find nylons this morning... grrrrr. So I am rocking the leggings with a skirt.

Oh well... not going to let that kill my onsen memories.

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