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Naked time of happiness...

Oh onsen... How I love you!
Let me count the ways:
Ah One - onsen
Ah Two- saunas
Ah Three- hot rock sauna
Ah Four- Spa!
need I say more?

When you find an onsen with not only one, but seven different types of hot springs, five different temps of sweat rooms, spa for facials, massages and hair care... you have found a little slice of heaven for $50.

Yesterday was our Girls Spa Day- and I can say "girls" because the boy who came along with us is more of a girl than I am ^o^  It was so relaxing and fun.

We spent most of the day relaxing, talking and being pampered. I have to hug my Japanese mom for telling me about it. I think I have found my happy spot.

Stupid Japanese people didn't even bother me for the afternoon. And the little perks were great. They had this 70C room where they fanned the hot air on you with GIANT Japanese style fans... it felt a little like burning at the time, but it was awesome to just sit there for a bit. I was sweating like a pig! It was great.

My skin feels soooooo much nicer today.

Oh today... what I would give to be back in the onsen right now... but alas... I am at work on a Sunday for the most boring of reasons: graduation.

From 9:20-12:00 or so I will be forced to sit in a room while 229 student names are called and what will feel like 30 minutes of nonstop clapping when they come in and leave the gym... not to mention I could not find nylons this morning... grrrrr. So I am rocking the leggings with a skirt.

Oh well... not going to let that kill my onsen memories.
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