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Raging B$#ch Post

So yeah... I have been rather irritable today... can't really pinpoint the reason... oh wait. That is a lie.

I can SOOOO pinpoint the reason. And since you are my friends, you get to read about it. Aren't you glad you friended me on this thing?  ^_~

Anyway, we had Monday off since graduation was Sunday Morning. So one would think I would be happy with a 4day work week.

Seems like a negative on that front.

It has been a crappy week and its only Thursday. I hate Thursdays.

So aside from not being able to remember which crappy day it is here are the things that have been causing me annoyance...

1) SG. Yep the same girl that had her own Thanksgiving Day party on the day as mine is back and being a .... lovely human being. She makes everything awkward and for some reason wants to get attention from me... I don't know she wants something. Not sure about wtf is going on in her mind. Yesterday we see her in the shopping area- I say hi, but she doesn't really acknowledge me all too much. Must be because I was with MS the loud spoken MN girl who told her off. They are neighbors and have had a few choice words... well text messages because that is the maturity level around here. She is just making being in the same city rather awkward. We enter the travel agency where she had just left and not even three minutes later she comes back and wants to talk to the lady who is helping us. Making us wait and making the mood in the room rather tense. We ignore her and talk about tax forms and other annoying shit.

2) Work. Teachers have been lately expecting too much from me and not telling me in advance for jack shit. Case in point yesterday 20 minutes before the class period they come up and give us "what they want" and tell us to make a lesson plan. I can't pull shit out of my ass. And I really think I need to let them fall flat on their faces a few times to get them to give me more advance notice. Also they seem to think my classes are of less importance therefore they can simply take things that I have asked for in advance. An example- the speakers and computer cord I have on my desk. A teacher came up and was all like "I found it." I looked at him and was like, "NO I did. I am using it." Asshat.

3) Satellite Girl. Every morning I get to work I just want to sit and eat the rest f my breakfast or relax before shit comes flying my way... but wait... I can't. This really annoying girl who seems to be attention starved and the "nerd" has kind of latched on to me. She makes it so people don't like her- she could totally be a normal person if she just toned it down one little notch... but no. She always comes up to me int he teacher's office. I can't get a moments peace! It was funny and cute before- but everyday for the last two weeks she has somehow found me either in the morning, at lunch or right before I go home... I can only take so much before I yell at her!

4) Duffus. SSDD. There is not a day going by that duffus does not find a way to annoy me. Today for example he picked up on my bitchy mood (give him a dggie treat!) after I explained to him for the third time we do not have the first two classes because a) the teachers have not told us what we are doing and b) the tests are still going on. Added to that today he told the High School class right before lunch that "Be careful, Kate-sensei is in a bad mood."  Come on... WTF! Why would you say that? It's not funny. I don't want to talk about it... just leave me the eff alone!

5) Dinero. I have none. It seems that this month is national extra expenditure month. Graduation party money, teacher's lunch box party, this and that and this and that. Granted I did know it was going to be tight this month when I bought an itouch and a couch, but I had thought my side jobs would rake in the money. It seems that everyone is "paying me next week" for their english lessons. I feel kind of rude to be all like, "Hey give me the money" because they normally remember... I think it is just pissing me off more so because I could really use that money now.

OH life... well I feel a little better. Keyword: little.

Thanks for reading kiddies...

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