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Son of a ....

yep another "nice" and "easy" day has been killed. I now have 5 back to back classes today and its a day with a lot of prep work for three of them... son of a ....

And of course doofus is worthless in the prep/set up department. I really hate him 95% of the time...

God.... why do you hate me so? I mean... what have I really ever done to piss you off this much? Seriously, that tally board up in heaven can't be that long.... I mean I am evil.... and mean at times... and I do take pleasure in seeing other people's pain and all (yeah, I am going to hell, I know this...)   but I still believe in ya right? Doesn't that count for something.... and to my knowledge I have yet to kill someone or do anything THAT bad... so give me a little slack. Please? Just a little time out?

le sigh.
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