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And so it begins... again

The sakura are in full bloom and although they are very pretty and I enjoy picnics under them, I am not super wow-ed.  I really don't feel like contemplating life and how short it is while under the trees... that is just plain depressing and kinda creepy.
I prefer to get drunk under them... and flirt with cute teachers at the teacher Hanami party ;)

So with the sakura season in full bloom comes the new school season.

Luckily there were no English Dept changes of personnel. So I know all of these teachers. Unluckily nothing has changed. I will add here that I am happy the number of my classes were decreased, but still it is the same old, same old.

No one gave me any info about anything. I had to hunt people down to get a monthly schedule, class plan and overall pretty much everything. All the teachers were excited about having more "planning together time" but as of yet have no one has approached us with their wants and ideas for the new year. Le sigh...

It was kind of funny when one teacher, who I have yet to work with was like, "So do you have the syllabus? What will we do for the first class?" I chuckled and told her that we never  see it. No one has ever really discussed this magical syllabus that we never follow anyway...

So yeah... for a while I really thought this year was going to be different. I was talking with teachers and they were all excited and looked like they were really going to try and keep us in on the loop... but no... I am going to have to bring it up at the meeting today... if we have it...

le sigh... and I would bet you any money that we will sit in silence for like 5 minutes when they try to decide who will be the ALT supervisor... I was pleasantly surprised last year when the current sup. volunteered.... but after having so many problems with dufus here... I doubt she will want to continue. It's just insulting when no one wants to take the time to touch base and check to see if we understand what is going on or when we need help with their stupid red tape system.

Well, its Friday. So that is the good news and I got paid for a side job, so I am not as broke as I was a few days ago. I actually bought groceries last night :)  I had been holding off. Yeah! I have bread at my house!
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