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There goes my summer...

So it is summer time again, most people in the US are gearing up for some much needed R&R (at least in the Education field) however I sadly will not be able to enjoy much of that "free time." Granted Japan does not believe in free time during summer... but on top of that....

This week the English Club girls decided on what movie they want to make for the Cultural Festival. Among the final choices were Cinderella (didn't want to do that- kinda a lame story), Peanuts (which i was all for... GO MINNESOTA!), Kaguya-hima (chic from the moon was found in bamboo... sort of reminds me of Thumbelina), Alice in Wonderland (cool story- love the books, Jaberwoky scared the crap out of me as a kid!) and some weird story about 7 goats and a wolf... they tried to explain that to me... still don't quite understand.

All would have their own issues and pose a challenge... however the final vote came in and of course they had to pick the most difficult one... Alice in Wonderland.

I spent my Wednesday free time writing a script with ESL vocab and also things that can be done... All I can say now is that this summer is going to be hell. Prepping and painting, and then filming... I am currently learning how to use editing software... so we shall see what happens.

Jesus... what do I get myself into at times?

Other rant- really quick!

I went to my car dealer place and found out that my insurance does not cover the small fender dent I got when I backed into a stupid pole... so there goes like $400 to replace the back fender and a bit of work on the back door... SOB! I opted for a higher costing insurance for next year to make sure those things are covered for the next time I can't see a damn pole (that are like only three feet high!) and don't show up in the mirrors! God damn it Japan!

AHHHH!  Need weekend now!
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