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Play me off Keyboard Cat!

I really need to make a FAIL video featuring me after the JLPT... it was painful. More than painful... it was darn right sadistic!  (Does that mean I am into S&M? I did sign up for that damn test in the first place.... I may have more issues than I had originally thought)

The 4th of July was fun! Happy Belated Bday America... 233 and still looking good... although we may need to do some work to fix the damage of the last 8 years... paging Dr. Obama and your Change you promised... can we get a little something done?

Went to the US NAVY party here in town and enjoyed a bit of Americana that I have missed- hamburgers that don't suck, pizza that tastes like pizza, and not being the minority! Go AMERICA in Japan!

Fireworks were a little sad... but I shall survive. Max and I have a ton of our own that were were going to set off last Sunday, but the rain stopped us... damn you rain!

Anyway, JLPT happy fun in Fukuoka! Went up the morning of with Colin. He drives like a retard, but we got there with time to spare. The Kanji part was good I thought. I knew 95% of the Kanji- here's hoping no stupid mistakes with the extra U or small TSU or the damn ten tens... they love to eff you up! The listening sucked... as expected. I at least got a few correct. The reading part was cruel and unusual punishment. I understood the readings, but the answer choices were just messed up!

I only need a D to pass! COME ON 60%!!!

After I went with a few friends to an AWESOME Chinese restaurant. Yeah, I know, after being surrounded by Chinese for the test, why would I want Chinese food? I have never been sooooo pissed at a race of people in recent memory- they could not follow instructions and they got away with SOOOOO much cheating!

The prompters would say "Do not open your books" like 1000x and they would still open them. Or they would continue after time was called! If any of the 20 non-asian test takers did that, we would be yelled at and given the dreaded Yellow Card!  SOOOOO NOT FAIR! You can't get by in Japan with only your writing skills! You need to be able to LISTEN too!


Oh well, back to work... must wait till September to see how bad I failed.
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