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itunes...I hates it!

I hate Apple... so very much...

When I found that quicktime was trying to plot a computerized coup on my PC at work, I decided it was time to kill that bitch. In doing so it killed my itunes settings on this pos computer. Thus making me have to spend today reinstalling it and making sure that shitty software does not try to take over everything again!

I wish Japan had a better assortment of decent video/mp3 players here... I was forced to get an itouch... It's cool and all, but I just HATE Apple!

So yeah... that is my rant on that matter... now on to the stuff I've been doing:

Week long vacation to the Goto Islands = Hawaii of Nagasaki-ken!  It was so much fun- biking up hills aside- that I want to go back! There was an abandoned island called Nozaki and we got to explore all the old houses, get attacked by bats, and see a huge cat/rat thing! Still not sure what it was!

After getting 2nd degree burns on my back, I learned my lesson and wore long sleeves pretty much everyday! It's weird... I have color now... I am no longer pasty white... which is good, but kinda disturbing at the same time. Note to self- 2nd degree burns do hurt like a bitch for 2 weeks, but you will get a nice tan after...

Saturday the Sasebo area had a party for the newbies. It was so much fun- made good friends with an Aussie. He does a great impression of me when drinking :) And ended up choking my friend Preston at the karaoke box.... strange people we are!
Getting home was interesting. I pretty much had to carry my buddy to the train station to make the last train... he was so drunk he clocked Jess in the nose and then fell asleep on the platform... that was one fun ride back to Saza!

Sunday was National Guilt the Whitie Day. Actually I must say this year was the best so far... the kiddies were in their rooms listening to a speech recording. You know the one they have heard pretty much every year of their lives... and I got to sit in the teacher's room on the internet! Then before the 11:02 bell and minute of silence, the Principal of the school comes out and gives a speech saying how its not just a US/Japan remembrance day, it is also to remind Japan that IT needs to be peaceful with its neighbors... I nearly shit my pants! This was the first time that I have heard a Japanese person really go beyond what happened to them and want to pony up for what their country did! Kudos Principal man!

And now, I am at work. And I am really glad I closed all my windows cause its raining... a lot!
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