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And its back to work...

Well, summer vacation couldn't last forever... as much as I wanted it to, it went really fast this year.
Sad to say I didn't accomplish anything I wanted to get done. Instead I got sucked into a lot of randomness. Not that is wasn't all boring. I had a lot of fun!

Beaches, water slides, sunburns.... I was basically a fish during the weekends.
At work I have been kept busy due to my supervisor's great ability to suck at her job. And the new alt of course has no one else to go to for help besides me... I really want to yell at her!

I wanted to get on grad school applications. However, that stalled with not feeling like revamping papers and the lack of  motivation. I also had wanted to begin writing again. In this aspect I did start, but each time it soon fizzled after like 10pages. I don't know what is going on in my brain... I have seriously been hit with some massive Life ADD!

On the drama front- well, there is never short supply there!
The latest bout is between a friend of mine and... you guessed it ME!  Oh the fun!
Long story short- a guy that took us around in Korea decided to do a last minute trip to Japan. No plans, no schedule, no word of warning except for the blurb on facebook. He got my number from there and didn't bother getting anyone else's... so I had to sponsor his entry into Japan... I didn't know about that till I got the call from the immigration officer at the airport.... lovely!

The korean guy's lack of English also made communication HARD! I gave him two other people's numbers because I was hella busy that weekend and might not be able to get his phone call... he got a hold of S and she got mad because I was not helping her with him or something. I got a really nasty email. She said I was being rude, and that she was never going to do me any favors ever again and that she would never expect anything from me ever again... yeah, we are talking high school drama email! It was beautiful! I wanted to point out she has never really done me any favors, but I kept my mouth shut! I was big about it and ditched my party for 30 min to go and wait at the station for the guy... who was an hour late.  Yeah... oh well, she has been flaky with me for a while since she got her bf.
Its sad, but she is already replaced with new friends, so no real loss if she wants to be bitchy to me.

And that brings us to the present.

Its been a sad month; many friends leaving. Many goodbyes, but I guess that is life.

Shit I nearly fell asleep during the principal's speech... oh well, most of the kids were doing the same...
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