katesugarfairy (katesugarfairy) wrote,

Slowly but surely....

I am getting these applications done!

I got two of the letters of rec pretty much done. It was weird to have to proof my teacher's letters of rec for me... it made me feel really good to hear how they feel about me and the work I do for the school and community. If I don't get into school with these letters, I don't know what that hell these schools want!

So I have set a deadline for my applications- I want them off my desk by Dec. 1!!!!  Which I think is totally a reachable goal. After Dec 1 I might consider looking for a few jobs or internships as back up plans.

I can only assume that as the JET recontracting deadline passes, I am going to have a lot of stress! I don't find out about these schools till like March or April... thankfully I have an apt set up with my dirty old roomie from before Japan. But still, having an apt and not being able to pay for it freaks me right the hell out!

So if any of you have a good connection with the big man upstairs (if you believe in him/her/it) put in a good word for me... bribe him if you must... Kate NEEDS into GRAD SCHOOL!!

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