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I finally see the light!

I am slowly making my way out of the "YOU MUST GET GRAD SCHOOL STUFF DONE NOW" bubble I have put myself in for about a month now... and I am happy to say that all I need is to pay the fees and I am done!!!
Well, upload the last of my fellowship essays as well and send out the paper copies, but DONE!!!!

You don't know how happy I am to finally be done with grad apps!

But now, I find myself freaking out... like big time... I now enter the limbo that is waiting for my fate to be decided...

I have done everything I could, and it is finally out of my hands... I am trying to stay positive... but its hard.

Anyway, I shall be back to reading and talking to people soon! It feels good to be almost free!

Sorry to those who I have been avoiding online and on here... I didn't mean to go off into the woods ala Thoreau, but it kinda helped. I stopped all my for fun things pretty much and hunkered down and "got it done."

Kate is Back!
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