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So it's like a Friday today for me! Took off tomorrow and Friday, Thursday is National Foundation Day or some shit, thus a free day!!!!! Making it FRIDAY today!

A gaggle of gaijin and I are headed up for the last days of the Yuki Matsuri in Hokkaido... the final island I need to hit to say I've been on all the major islands of Japan! Oh man, I am going to eat so much crab it's not even funny!

With all my grad apps and fellowship apps done, its the first time I get to relax... until I get back and then need to figure out my taxes and FAFSA... damn you taxes and your annoying paperwork!

Anyway, the last few weeks have been busy. I can't remember if I wrote about my Kyoto Seminar trip... it sucked, except for the awesome people I met... minus one girl who I wanted to punch out... why are CIRs 99% more likely to be total douchebags? I never came to that course saying I was better than anyone, and with the amount of study I have been doing recently, I don't know where she got that I was a threat to her Japanese ability... long story short... I wanted to hurt her.

Work has been painful more often then not... which is sad. Scheduling problems and lack of communication have made me want to give up almost on a daily basis... I am so glad I am did not recontract. It would have been a painful 5th year.

Last weekend, I let go and broke my beer kyukei (break). Instead of the one mamosa I told myself i could have, I ended up drinking the whole bottle of champagne myself, a delicious peppermint schnapps and chocolate soda mixed drink, and the creme de la creme of boozes: absinthe.... sweet jesus that shit packs a punch! Sadly no green fairies were seen, but shots of that stuff is a BAD idea! Especially when watching Legend- a movie that scared the shit out of me as a child... thank you older brother and cousin! So basically I decided to get the two others forcing me to watch the movie totally gone so I could just turn the movie off... mission accomplished!

Needless to say, even with my booze tolerance diminished due to a month of NO drinking, I still was the only one to be up and functional the next morning.

Oh the fun!

All I got to do is survive today and I am off for 5 days!
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